January 28, 2023
virtual reality dancing

Can virtual reality dancing change your real life?

First of all, yes, virtual reality dancing is a thing! In fact, Salsa-Virtual is a step-by-step guide in Virtual Reality (VR) that teaches you how to salsa partner dance and increase your real-life social activities in a safe, yet fun-filled way. You learn at your own pace with virtual teachers. We made it for everybody to […]

Dance Etiquette

Dance Etiquette: The How to Ask Someone to Dance

My husband and I love to dance and general don’t have to think about dance etiquette. We go to a ‘hole-in-wall’ salsa joint almost every week. If we weren’t there enjoying affordable fish bowl-sized margaritas and inclusive atmosphere, we would be dancing at our favorite honky-tonk in town, gettin’ down to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, and all the […]