5 Reasons to be Addicted to Good Posture (on the social dance floor)

Dancing is about balance, especially on the social dance floor

When you first start to draw, you start with basic shapes and work up to complex lines and shapes. Start with 1-dimentional figures, then 2-D, and 3-D. Same goes for dancing. The most basic and important balance line is the vertical one from your head to your toes. Everyone who can stand up had experienced this posture line. You maintain balance with good posture.

skeleton posture

More enjoyable dance experience 

If you are off balance, your partner has to compensate. Maybe you already danced with someone who has felt ‘heavy’ (regardless of their actual size). Sometimes this can be because of connection and sometimes this is because of bad posture. One partner holds the other person on upright, aligned and on balance. Often happens out of a turn or during a pattern your partner hasn’t danced before. The new step or unexpected turn causes them to hunch over, look down, or lose connection because of lack of confidence. 

Good posture makes you look better

Sure, some people hunch their shoulders over and bend their knees and get an earthy look. This is their style, and it’s a badass illusion. Next time you see someone do this, pay attention to how much their shoulders hunch over versus how much they hinge at the waist. TRICKY TRICKY! Yup, they keep their chest UP and maintain good posture and good balance lines. Next time you pick who you want to dance with, make a mental note: Are they looking up and around at the dance floor, excited and wide-eyed? Or are they sitting net to the bathrooms arms and legs crossed staring into their phones (could also just be their dancing quirk)? POSTURE MATTERS!

You feel better

Good posture bad posture for dance

If you have never had good posture, it’s likely you’ll be a skeptic because you don’t know what it is like to feel this good. I thought all cheese was gross, moldy milk until I tried gouda. Looking up and forward (or even at your partner, OMG!) all the time is scary… if you lack confidence. The only way to conquer this fear is to go right through it. Having good posture doesn’t only make you feel more confident, but it also makes your neck, shoulder, and back stop hurting.

Less Risk of injury to you and your partner

Believe it or not, dancing is one big beautiful physics equation that is perfectly balanced (or so we wish). Our bodies are designed to move in a way that minimizes the impact on tendons and ligaments. Good posture leads to good poise and poise is doing exactly that.

Get better posture now!

If you’re looking for a way to practice posture at home, without having to lean over to look down at your computer monitor/cell phone and break your posture, take a look at what we’re doing with virtual reality dancing. It’s also a good stepping stone to looking forward and at your partner in the eyes.

If you take social dance lessons, make sure your teacher knows and understands good posture and poise.

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