Dance-Virtual: The Future of Dance


We use Virtual Reality to transform any room into a dance studio.

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Dancing is fun, but learning to dance is challenging!

  • Dance moves any time, any speed, from all angles
  • Try new dance styles without breaking the bank
  • Avoid the hassle, enjoy the benefits

Learn dancing by dancing, not watching! Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality to recreate a social event, a group lesson, private lesson teaching, a performance hall, and multiple other locations.

Avoid traffic, scheduling conflicts, time availability, class costs, and having to put on pants. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Review steps on your mobile device.

Your favorite moves, any time, at any speed, from all angles. Review steps and styling from any angle, practice without a partner, try a new dance style or fast forward to new patterns.

Our dances

We understand that we all love different things. Some of us like line dances, others partner dances, and other fitness. Our current list of dances shows some of the more interesting ones, and it’s growing larger and with more content every day!

Dancing. Virtually. For Real.

Dance-Virtual brings fun back into dancing by eliminating scheduling, getting ready, going through multiple changes of clothes, fighting the weather, finding a sitter for your lovely kids or your furry pets, driving at rush hour, getting stuck in traffic, finding parking, being on time, paying class fees, feeling beginners anxiety, finding practice time, memorization, taking notes and recording video.

Ever hoped that you could rewind your brain to that one class where they taught that one move you really like? Well, now you can! Practice as much as you like and take as long as you want. You won’t be holding the rest of the students back. Or, if you are bored with the current lesson and want to challenge yourself, jump ahead a few lessons.

If you need some reassurance before you step into a real dance floor, we’re here for you. Not everybody is born dancing, some have to learn the hard way. And for the rest of us, Dance-Virtual makes us learn the easy way.

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