Dance-Virtual Teaches Real-World Skills In Virtual Reality


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Dance-Virtual Teaches Real-World Skills In Virtual Reality

App introduces users to salsa dancing for social interactions

Salsa-Virtual Trailer

Austin, TX — September 10, 2018 — Indie company Dance-Virtual today announced a new trailer for their first virtual reality (VR) app Salsa-Virtual, set to hit Early Access on Steam at the end of the month. Salsa-Virtual is a virtual dance studio where users learn the basics of salsa dancing, one of the most popular partner dance styles in the world. Their approach is unique: learn social dances in VR, as a catalyst to improve your social interactions. The salsa lessons are taught by the company’s founders, who beside being VR developers are also professional dance teachers in real life.

“It was important to us as dance instructors to reach out to our most challenging audience: the students who could not cross our dance studio’s front door because of social anxiety,” said Jorge Ortiz, founder of Dance-Virtual. His co-founder, Rebekah Diaz added “I wanted everyone to dance like nobody‚Äôs watching: no judges, no criticism, no audience during self-doubt episodes, and no fear of exposing your self-consciousness to strangers.”

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In Salsa-Virtual, you start your dance journey from zero, learning about balance and partner connection, and finishing with the popular underarm turn with the guidance of professional dance instructors. Practice dance moves any time, at any speed, from any angle, while avoiding real-world traffic, scheduling conflicts, time availability, and class costs. Every move is divided into lead and follow roles, and subdivided further into manageable chunks. You can also couple with dance partners while watching the teachers explain the moves.

Salsa-Virtual will require a Vive, Oculus or Windows MR virtual reality headset to play plus a comfortable recommended  play area space.

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