Open Hand Hold testing

Sometimes we need to disable all the clutter of our virtual dance studio, the fancy avatars, their fancy clothing, the students, the music, the teacher’s voice recording, and the backdrop forest, and just set a testing environment just for our partner connection.

In here I’m testing the correct handholds for a typical lead/follow open handhold. The motion doesn’t translate well past the wrists so I’d like to test a chain reaction through the bones… at least to the elbow.

This is a further update to our hand position and rotation developer update from way back. In some situations the open hand holds creep up to around chest level. Technology mimics nature! Because I used to tell my beginner students that there was no reason to have bunny hands while dancing.

This is a common result of having to manage height differences between dancers. Even virtual dancers!

Expect a more natural motion in the upcoming update!

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