January 28, 2023


Dance Etiquette

Dance Etiquette: The How to Ask Someone to Dance

My husband and I love to dance and general don’t have to think about dance etiquette. We go to a ‘hole-in-wall’ salsa joint almost every week. If we weren’t there enjoying affordable fish bowl-sized margaritas and inclusive atmosphere, we would be dancing at our favorite honky-tonk in town, gettin’ down to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, and all the […]

Top 5 Dancing Quirks You Might Be Doing Right Now

Welcome to Dance-Virtual Hello dancers! Welcome to our first blog post! While we work hard on making magic to improve your dance with virtual reality (we can enhance it… we have the technology), I wanted to use this blog space to start lighthearted conversations about a variety of dance topics. In this post: Dance quirks! Dance Quirks […]