Can virtual reality dancing change your real life?

First of all, yes, virtual reality dancing is a thing! In fact, Salsa-Virtual is a step-by-step guide in Virtual Reality (VR) that teaches you how to salsa partner dance and increase your real-life social activities in a safe, yet fun-filled way. You learn at your own pace with virtual teachers.

We made it for everybody to enjoy it as much as we do. You can also gain many benefits that have already changed our own lives. We don’t want to keep it all to ourselves, so here’s how virtual reality dancing can benefit your own life.


You remember how easy it was to make friends in school? After school, though, things get complicated and you need to find like-minded people with shared activities, like dancing!

virtual reality dancing friends

Virtual reality dancing can help you learn those beginner steps in private, so that when you’re practicing in public, you can

  • Talk to people while dancing.
  • Learn more about connection & communication. You learned all the other fundamentals in VR already!
  • Practice in VR before heading to the party, focus on having fun in real life.
  • Learn how to interact with different groups of people using dance etiquette.
  • Make new friends and go out dancing instead of staying in!


With upcoming wireless VR technology, it will be way easier to get fitness dancing in the comfort of your own home!

virtual reality dance exercise

There are fitness-only VR experiences, but with dancing VR you can:

  • Maintain your weight because you’re exercising while you’re dancing.
  • Help your coordination so that you feel less clumsy. Bonus: In VR, nobody else can see you be clumsy!
  • It helps you start right now, so that your body accumulate benefits the more you progress. No need to wait for a new years resolution.
  • Do your routine exercise at home, while being magically transported to the Grand Canyon in virtual reality.
  • Help you with your posture. It’s even easier in real life because you don’t have the weight of a VR headset.


Have you ever relaxed watching TV and a dance scene shows up, and thought “I wish I could do that?” The first step is so complicated! You have to find a studio, brave traffic, figure out your scheduling, and grab your wallet AND pants. With virtual reality, all you need to do to start is stand up. Baby steps! After the first step, following ones become easier and it’s easier to remain motivated. Why watch dance on TV when you can do it on your own? Doesn’t it make you feel great?

virtual reality dancing motivation

For most of us, works drains us from stress. But we might be too tired to head out and dance! VR makes this easier:

  • Take virtual reality salsa dance lessons right in your home.
  • Release stress with quick access to a couch.
  • Do you ever just kick back and listen to music in your living room? Now you can dance as well!
  • A built-in therapy session in your VR headset to make you happy on demand.
  • Literally disconnect from the world, and connect into another one.
  • One of the most important benefits of dancing is gaining self confidence. This carries to everything you do in life, as well.


Learning to dance is like getting into a relationship. You listen and learn, you grow and share!

virtual reality dancing romance

Have you ever taken a bike ride by the beach with a date during sunset? Was it ten times better than dinner and movie?

Now think about how long it took you to learn to ride a bike. With VR, you can learn to dance ahead of time of time without getting anxious, and impress your date in the real world, and:

  • Have fun sharing your knowledge with the other person, together.
  • Help you meet the love of your life
  • Help you maintain a relationship fresh by learning something new.

Virtual Reality Dancing is here to stay

To answer the original question, YES! Virtual reality dancing will change your life. Here as Dance-Virtual we are working hard to bring you the most popular types of dance, starting with salsa dancing!

Head over to the Salsa-Virtual Steam page to download. Play in your VR headset today!

virtual reality dancing
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